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When you trade with Axi, you’re not just getting a broker – you’re getting support from a partner committed to helping you achieve your trading ambitions and a community made up of tens of thousands of traders in more than 100 countries.

With world-class technology, extensive educational resources and expert insights of a global team, we offer everything you need to grow and develop as a trader.

Take the lead with PsyQuation

Being one of the world’s most advanced AI-driven trade analytics platforms, PsyQuation is a community hub for active traders. Use the PsyQuation Leaderboard to find and follow top traders, discover your strengths and trade your edge.


Use the transparency of the PsyQuation Leaderboard to measure your performance against top traders around the world.


Deep dive into your performance with detailed analytics, compare with other traders and use the insights to help improve your strategies.


Got a competitive side? Use performance metrics to help you identify areas where you can find an edge and move up the leaderboard!


If you’re a top performing trader, you deserve to see yourself at the top of the leaderboard! Plus, other traders can use your success to improve their trading.

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